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Our bread, the usual

Come and meet our new place in plaza nova de la ferreria, 6.07002 Palma

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Welcome to Panenostro world

Hello, I am Peio Zalba. I want you to know the history of PaneNostro

After 25 years sailing as a sailor traveling around the world, I felt the need to take land and return to my origins.

My name, Pedro, they put it for my baker grandfather. Remember the smell of freshly baked bread, the image of my family making bread by hand, the customers eager to taste those delicious loaves of bread ...

During the long sea voyages, the only way to have bread was to make it by hand. So for a time, the sailors were among the privileged few that we did not feed on industrial bread.

The memories of my childhood, the elaboration of bread during my years as a navigator, the new flavors I discovered in the different countries visited, all this was the seed that germinated in my new adventure: a bakery.
But it could not be a bakery to use. I do not conceive another type of elaboration than the ecological one, so I set out all the efforts to become the first certified organic bakery in Palma. And given that Mallorca offers a great variety of excellent cereals, all the products are elaborated mainly with local flours (km.0). When I can not use local ingredients such as panela or cocoa, I prefer fair trade products. I am a fervent defender of fair trade both for the sustainability that it supposes and for its high quality. .Ecological, local, fair trade ... something else was missing

Saracen bread gluten free

And people with gluten intolerances? Why not develop an offer of "gluten free" breads?
So I decided to investigate how to make healthy, gluten-free products without sacrificing a delicious flavor and do my bit so that my future clients would also enjoy a good bread and wide variety without gluten, Buckwheat, Buckwheat and Teff, Rice .. .as well as other products, chickpea snacks, buckwheat and almond cookies ...

All this led me to the concept of my new adventure, Pane Nostro Eco, our ecological bread from Mallorca

Only Bakery with organic certificate

in Palma de Mallorca

The team of PaneNostro Eco Mallorca


Dirección: Plaza Nova de la Ferreria 6
07002 PALMA DE MALLORCA (Mallorca)
Teléfono: 971 298 111
Monday to friday from 07:00 to 20:00 
Saturday: from  07:00 to 14:00 h.
​Sunday & holiday closed