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And for dessert, more health

Organic Sweet

And to end with a sweet taste, we propose the delicious Panenostro organic sweets. If you try them, a healthy energy will travel throughout your body...

  • Wholemeal Rye muffins
  • Muffins of Rye, apple and almond.
  • Vegan muffins of spelt
  • Sweet cookies of whole spelt:carob, oat, almond,Kamut,coconut, cocoa..
  • Buckwheat Snack with cocoa and almond (gluten free ,yeast free )
  • Carob brownie
  • Turrón( christmas dessert) receta del ermitaño Mallorquin
  • Cocoa coins
  • Special coconuts

All our products are sweetened with PANELA, a natural sweetener that does not provide empty calories. Its only ingredient is the juice of the sugarcane. It does not have any refining process. It is an organic product of 100% natural origin. It provides quantities of vitamin A,B,C,D and E and minerals sucha as calcium, potassium, phosphorus,iron, zinc and copper. The Panela we use is FAIR TRADE, our little grain of sand for a more sustaninable world.