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Organic: guarantee of healthy eating

Exclusive Organic Breads

En Pane Nostro Eco  we prepare organic breads mainly with local flours, xeixa, rye, blat mollar, blat mort,spelt, except Buckwheat and Teff, which are not grown in Mallorca.

The rest of ingredients are: sourdough, organic yeast, organic extra olive oil from Mallorca and certified water. All the breads are made with double fermentation,as in the past, handmade. A very laborious process but we are pleased to say that we developed the authentic organic bread. and the real "pa payés".

We also have a wide range of gluten free bread of buchwheat, teff, rice, carob, chickpeas...
We gradually incorporate new varieties, because we like to innovate and discover other ways of making bread. Check it out at our Palma bakery.
  • Pan de whole Xeixa
  • Pan de brown Xeixa.
  • Pan de 100% whole Rye
  • Pan de 100% whole Spelt
  • Pan 50/50 de whole Spelt, whole Rye with 5 seeds.
  • Pan de Khorasan (kamut)
  • Bread “Kex”: khorasan, spelt, xeixa y flax.
  • Buckwheat bread.
  • Buckwheat and Teff bread.
  • Rice and Teff bread
  • Blat Mollar bread
  • Blat Mort bread

  • Blat Barba bread
  • ​​Carob and raisin bread

Breads in diffents formats and weights
The "blat mollar ",original cereal of Mallorca,very similar nutricially to kamut, has high beta-amylase contain  so it facilitates its digestion. Recently recovered, in Mallorca it has been Know from 1848 .