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What do we elaborate?

In our workshop, Pane Nostro, we have exclusive breads, sweets and salty specialties, made with organic flours, mainly local, suitable for diets. The research to innovate in new products of maximum quality and exquisite flavor based on organic farming is our raison d'être. We have special anti-allergenic products, with low gluten content for general consumption for its maximum quality and healthy effect on the body.

We seek to satisfy both the customer aware of the importance of organic farming, and those who like to eat healthy products that report benefits to their bodies, such as those who for health reasons, do not tolerate certain ingredients but do not want to give up an exquisite flavor.
Pan Blat Mollar Ecológico
Organic Bread
Organic Salty
Organic Sweet

Blat Mollar is a cereal from
Mallorca recently recovered with high doses of Beta-amylase so it is very digestive

Pan Blat Mollar Ecológico
Bread Blat Mollar