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Delicious and Healthy

Organic Salty

In PaneNostro , we also elaborate other salty products for the most exquisite palates
  • Xeixa cookies with flax seeds.
  • 100% whole wheat Rye cookies
  • Buckwheat cookies with nuts
  • Chickpea bread Snack
  • Vegan Coca de trampó whole wheat spelt
  • "Blat mort" little bread
  • Cocarrois of whole wheat spelt vegans with vegetables and seeweed
  • Cocarrois of whole wheat spetl vegans with vegetables and rasins
¿Did you know that the industrial bakery is adding stabilizer E-320, a synthetic antioxidant derived from the oil industry?. This additive is used to prevent the oxidation of fats, in short, to extend the shelf life of food products.
At PaneNostro Eco we make all our products with natural preservatives such as orange juice. 
In addition to providing vitamin C, it is a natural antioxidant. As an example, our xeixa biscuits and flax seeds
 are made with Mallorcan flour from xeixa, flax seeds, local extra virgin olive oil, orange juice and 
orange zest: all the ingredients are natural and provide benefits for our body.